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Fire alarms act as early warning systems, which makes them very important. You must install and properly maintain the right system to save lives and evacuate people from your premises.

Planning, design and installation

Effective fire alarms help alert everyone when a fire breaks out, locates the source, while implementing an emergency response plan. The only way the fire alarm will be effective is if you install it properly on your premises. This means you must get the sensor placement perfect, and get the right equipment.

At GFA Premier we work with the leading fire alarm technologies, because we know that knowledge and experience in fire alarm planning, design, and installation is very important.

Our team can develop fire alarm solutions to deliver maximum protection and benefit:

  • ‘L5’ design capability, with applicable PI insurance;
  • CDM plus ‘Principal Contractor’ experience;
  • F-Gas Approved Technicians.
  • Full acceptance of ‘design responsibility’;
  • Verification of others installations for LPS1014;

Designing the perfect fire alarm

The best way to design and plan a proper fire alarm system is to conduct a proper risk analysis, so that you get the perfect solution. We understand your site requirements, and then handle fire alarm design, implementation, and installation on your premises. We work with different fire alarm system suppliers, and can easily develop a tailored fire alarm system for your business environment.

#1 Plan

Our technical team will conduct a comprehensive site survey for risk assessment.

#2 Design

We will design a tailored fire alarm system to ensure complete protection for your staff and business.

#4 Commission

We will conduct a complete commissioning test, along with complete handover, so that you have maximum satisfaction.

#3 Install

Installation will be done after every system has been verified and tested rigorously.

Service and maintenance

We have experts on our team of technicians, who will service and maintain your fire alarms and emergency lighting in accordance with the British 5839 Part 1 and BS 5266 Part 8, respectively.

Under current legislation you are responsible for regular fire alarm system maintenance. We have trained professionals, who will do that for you, while ensuring your fire alarms are of the highest quality. They will service and maintain combined systems, to ensure peace of mind and cost saving.


  • Safe Contractor Certification
  • Members of British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE)
  • LPS 1014 Registered Company
  • FIA Certified to conduct F-Gas Service
  • British Standard Institution Company
  • £20 million Public and Product Liability Insurance

Continuous support from fire experts

GFA Premier offers maintenance packages and tailored services, which offer ongoing support when your fire alarm system activates or fails.

Our ongoing support is delivered 24/7, with a team of fire experts, who guarantee a response of under 4 hours, anywhere in the UK.

We can help, wherever you are, and whenever you want our help!


Contact us to find out more about fire alarm installations or our service and maintenance plans