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Do you know about fire safety compliance and have knowledge of your responsibilities? All business owners and employers must protect their business and staff, and comply with current fire safety regulations.

Duties for business owners

All business owners and employers have a responsibility to ensure fire safety on their business premises. The size of the premises doesn’t matter, or if the business has shared or sole occupancy, they are required to meet the legal requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Business owners must protect and safeguard their workplace, while ensuring their employees are safe. The landlords and building occupants must also be familiar with these duties.

In most cases the sole responsibility and accountability for any shortcomings lie with the employer or business owner.

Highlighting Safety

Highlighting Safety

The purpose of this legislation is to inform business owners about their role in providing a safe working environment to their employees. There shouldn't be any chance of physical harm, which means proper procedural, protection, and prevention measures must be implemented to prevent injury and save lives.

Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

The fire safety legislation is complicated, but no business can function without it. Businesses must comply or shut down. Fortunately, we have great knowledge and expertise in fire safety compliance and can help businesses understand their legal requirements, so they fulfil their duties.

Your duties

The business owner or employer is responsible for anything that happens on the premises, which means you need to create a safe process, which informs and protects employees and visitors. Some specifics will be different, based on the property type, hazards, or risk levels.

Your responsibility
What it means in practice

Conduct Fire Risk Assessment. You must review this regularly. If the building undergoes structural change or business use changes within the building, you must complete a new Fire Risk Assessment.

  • Get capable and qualified assessors for conducting Fire Risk Assessment

  • Set up a schedule for review, based on risk levels and your business

  • Record all findings in a manner that lets you demonstrate compliance

Inform all staff about all known risks, fire procedures, fire policy, and what actions they should take.

  • Offered training that is tailored for your business and premises

  • Use easy to understand signage for compliance in the workplace

Set up and maintain the correct fire safety measures.

  • Install fire alarms, suppression systems, methods of containment, fire extinguishers and more

  • Train your staff on how to use fire safety equipment

  • Regularly service and maintain the equipment

Have a proper plan for fire emergencies.

  • Create a proper emergency plan

  • Give individuals roles and ensure they understand what they must do

Offer proper fire safety training to everyone.

  • Give professional training on fire intervention, protection, and prevention

  • Get fire wardens to deliver special training


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