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We take the uncertainty out of fire safety to give you complete peace of mind.

About GFA Premier

GFA Premier was originally The General Fire Appliance Company, which was formed in 1937.  Today, we are a national specialist in fire safety protection and provide fire safety expertise and equipment to business owners in the UK to meet compliance.

We are experienced professionals in the nuanced and complicated fire safety world, and work with new requirements, approaches, and technologies consistently. Our goal is to provide effective and dependable fire safety protection, while making it safer for small and large business.

We are totally committed to provide outstanding standards of fire safety protection, and never compromise on our standards for any client.

Our people

GFA Premier takes pride in offering outstanding customer service, best guidance, effective products, and quality support, thanks to our dedicated people. We take an in-depth and hands-on approach towards recruitment, which allows us to create and implement effective fire solutions.

We have experience people working on our national team with qualifications and accreditations such as:

BAFE Scheme SP101
City & Guilds 236 Electrical Installation accreditation
Institute of Fire Prevention Officers
Membership of the Institution of Fire Engineers

They are all highly qualified and experienced fire safety technicians, accessories, and experts, who are committed to provide high-quality services.

Our process

 Reviewing

 Reviewing

We have developed our process around the individual needs of businesses, because we understand the operations, hazards, and priorities of the business first.



Our decades of expertise and experience allows us to provide outstanding vendor agnostic and valuable advice to ensure outstanding solutions to our clients.



Our tailored fire safety methods ensure we can offer applicable solutions to clients. Whether you need fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, or fire extinguishers, we can do it all.



We also conduct continuous servicing and maintenance for all fire safety solutions, with dependable support.

Who we work with

We don’t design our fire safety solutions to be a one-size-fits-all process, since we know that all businesses require different fire safety concepts. That is why we tailor our processes to deliver solutions to the following:


We understand the complex and unpredictable nature of healthcare environments, and are experienced in helping health organizations, GP surgeries, and specialist hospitals implement the right fire prevention measures and procedures.


Whether it is a single branch or a national chain, we help protect retailers against blocked escape routes, uniformed staff, and poor housekeeping.


Our work with schools, helps them understand their fire safety responsibility, and the legislations they should adopt.

Small businesses

We understand the need for small businesses to protect themselves against fire damage, and offer them tailored solutions.

Nationwide organisations

We have worked with nationwide organizations in the UK and have delivered and designed numerous fire safety programs for them.


We’re proud to be accredited and involved with the world’s leading bodies on fire safety.